frequently Asked Questions

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Is the platform paid?

No, the platform is free. The only thing we ask for is to share and promote it if you like the platform.

Why do I always see different agencies?

We do not rank agencies, but we want to show all the participants of the platform, so we made a random layout.

Is the platform responsible for collaboration?

UP is a platform for placement and easy access to Ukrainian agencies. Before adding a participant, he passes validation to minimize your efforts. Our platform is created only to help members and agencies find each other and cannot be held responsible for the quality of direct interaction between partners. Creative business is largely a relationship business and depends on how people can find a common language and create a suitable experience among themselves.

How to contact the agency from the platform?

Through the contact information on the agency's website.

Will more agencies be added?

Of course, the platform is constantly updated and modified, keep abreast with us.

How will I understand the agencies here are valid?

We ask for recommendations from one platform participant and 3 clients the platform member has worked with. This validation is made for your full confidence in the expertise and experience of the agencies. Everything else you can evaluate yourself by going to the website of the partner agency or starting a direct dialogue.

How does it work?

The platform has all the necessary information about the participant, filters for specialization and number of employees. Everything to make the search for a partner easier.

What is &UP?

This is a platform that brings together all the agencies of the Ukrainian creative sector. A user-friendly tool for finding a reliable partner in a few clicks.

For a participant:

Is the platform paid?

No, the platform is free. The only thing we ask for is to share and promote it if you like the platform.

Can I be removed from the platform?

The platform reserves the right to exclude an agency that discredits the platform.

Can I not be added to the platform?

The platform reserves the right not to submit an application to the platform if you did not submit the information correctly or did not confirm the recommendations from clients. The platform also reserves the right not to add agencies without explanation.

What are the conditions for participation?

By accessing the platform, you agree to promote it along with the rest of the platform participants.

How can I add my agency?

To become a member of the platform, you need to write us by mail and we will send all the necessary information to apply :) If everything is correct we will add you and send a confirmation or contact for clarification, if needed. Please note that members are added manually, so it may take some time.